We are a small, proudly South African business that specialize in creating memorable experiences through our gifting service, bespoke cakes, unique & cheeky products, singing telegrams, events & private chef service. We employ the services of local folk, such as young entrepreneurs, students, actors, singers, musicians, florists, confectioners and so on. You tell us what your budget is, and we design the experience or gift accordingly!


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Personalized eats that conveys your unique message

Cakes & Novelty Bakes

Personalized eats that conveys your unique message.

There is no better way to tell someone you are sweet on them, or that you hate their guts, by ordering a personalized cake with your own message (however foul the language) on top, delivered to that special someone at work or home!

We also cater to cupcake flower or rose bouquets or baskets, at a budget that suits your pocket! All our cakes and bakes are of the highest quality and custom baked and created according to your budget and occasion.

Contact us with your request, ideas or for a budget that suits your needs.