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Fruit crates

Healthy office snacks. A great way to keep productivity high

Daily/Weekly Office Fruit crates

We supply fruit for the workplace, providing fruit to companies as a healthy alternative to traditional lunchtime or break snacks.

We deliver to your office, so that your staff need not leave the office for an unproductive hour & at the same time improve the occupational health of the workplace. We provide premium, quality fruit at a price that won’t break the bank.

All aspects of our business are managed in-house, from direct buying to packing and delivery. This means that you get the best value possible.
We provide premium quality seasonal fruit, without the expensive price tag.

Payments are made monthly in advance. A delivery charged is applicable to non-subscription customers of R50 in Tshwane Pretoria area & R100 in Johannesburg & rest of RSA areas. Subscription customers qualify for free delivery.

Did you know that fresh fruit can have a positive effect on your mental health?

Blood sugar highs and lows can affect your mood. Complex carbs like oats, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes may help to manage your insulin and blood sugar, according to Harvard Health.

Low levels of vitamin C, D & E, as well as B vitamins (particularly folic acid, B9) have all been implicated in a significant number of mental health conditions. Fruit & Veggies contain an array of vitamins and other important healthy nutrients.

Highly reactive molecules that can impact your mental health are made during everyday body processes and increased due to stress and inflammation. Antioxidants, found in brightly colored fruit and veggies, helps control the impact.

Your meal and snack choices have a direct impact on the way you feel, think and behave – Better Food = Better Mood!


  • 90 R Snack Box per box Weekly / Monthly
    • 15 piece fruit crate
  • 150 R Peckish Box per box Weekly / Monthly
    • 30 Piece fruit crate
  • 280 R Hangry Box per box Weekly / Monthly
    • 60 piece fruit crate