We are a small, proudly South African business that specialize in creating memorable experiences through our gifting service, bespoke cakes, unique & cheeky products, singing telegrams, events & private chef service. We employ the services of local folk, such as young entrepreneurs, students, actors, singers, musicians, florists, confectioners and so on. You tell us what your budget is, and we design the experience or gift accordingly!


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Terms and Conditions

We may change pricing and delivery fee of any product and service as and when necessary at our own digression.
Deposits on all orders are applicable and irrefundable.
Where services or events are planned, in planning phase or during execution and the client acts in an inappropriate manner towards us or our service providers, we hold the right to immediately remove ourselves, our staff,
suppliers and or products and tools with immediate effect. The client will be liable for full payment of services within 21 days of event.

Copyright of all products, services & operations remains with whocanforget.com and whatdidyoubuyme.com and whatdidyousendme.com.

Images depicted may or may not be for illustration purposes only.
No exchanges & No returns, but a credit will be allowed upon the discretion of the owners of WhoCanForget.com
Orders take between 1 to 6 weeks for delivery, depending on stock availability.
Upon order and/or payment of services, products or deliveries, the client accepts responsibility and liability for any and all claims issued by the receiver of such products, services or delivery.

Order and / or payment of any products, services, events, etc. indemnifies WhoCanForget.com and its employees and affiliates from any lawful suits and legal action; and any risk remains the ownership of the client.

Please note that the stock of all items on offer is limited. WhoCanForget.com will make all reasonable attempts to ensure that special offers are brought to an end when stock runs out. If it happens that WhoCanForget.com is unable to fulfill any order at the advertised price because stock is sold out, WhoCanForget.com will inform you via email and you’ll be entitled to a reimbursement for the Rand value you have paid for such product.

Competitions – WhoCanForget.com and its affiliates may cancel or change the terms and conditions, prize, end date & winner at any stage. We also reserve the right to reallocate any prize on the basis of persona non grata, ill representation of our business, not adhering to the Ts&Cs, geographical location of winner, etc. Delivery charges are not included in the prize and are for the winner’s cost, unless stipulated and agreed to differ. Winners are awarded the prizes randomly and the outcome is dependant on the number of shares, tags, geographical location of winner and abidance of the terms and conditions of the competition. By accepting any prize of free product or service, you agree that WhoCanForget.com and any of its affiliates use your image in any future marketing material. Winners are required to produce proof of identity of social media page winner, no fake names or fake Facebook profiles will be eligible. WhoCanForget.com, its employees, partners, etc. reserve the right to revoke an awarded prize should not all steps have been followed to qualify for entry or there is proof of persona non grata. WhoCanForget.com, its employees, owners and partners reserve the right to cancel any competition or not award a prize should there be (a) less than 10 entries correctly entered, and (b) no entries entered correctly through all the qualifying criteria and steps. By entering any competition, you abide by the terms and conditions as set out and no claims against WhoCanForget.com or its partners, owners, employees, will be lawful. To date we have managed to mail all prizes to all winners, whilst it is at our discretion to bill for a delivery fee. WhoCanforget.com is also not responsible should any cracks or breakages appear on prizes and will not be replaced at all. Whocanforget.com cannot and will not take responsibility for prizes that disappear or get lost in the mail and will not be replaced in case this happens.